Although Unnatural Resources was founded in 2012, the maker spirit has always been a part of me. I come from a long line of craftsman. Farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters, engine fabricators, sawyers, and furniture makers are just a few professions held by past generations of my family. The spirit to build, create, and nurture products to fruition is embedded in my DNA. What I love the most about what I get to do each day is the way I can use my creativity and craft to serve others by bringing their dreams to life. This impulse both to be creative and to be of use is one I learned time again at the tool shed, at the diner table, and on the rolling prairie of Illinois. While at this time my current focus is on furniture built from wood and metal, you never know where the future may lead me. Feel free to inquire about any projects you may have in mind. 


From around the age of ten I've had my hands on hammer, chisel, or blueprints. My dad taught me to build and restore hot rods, tractors, or motorcycles. My grandpa and uncle taught me to build houses and furniture. I was welding before I was in high school. I had roofed a house before I had learned how to calculate rise and run in algebra. This type of education never ends. Strong roots keep a tree from shaking, but without branches there is no beauty. I spend hours, day in and day out, learning new techniques, researching forgotten ones, and developing my own skill set to make sure I can always surpass a customer's expectations. There is no “can’t” here. There's only “how far do you want to go?”


While I offer my own line of one of a kind, handmade, bespoke products that I believe will bring a bit of functional beauty into your home or work, I love helping customers create products they have dreamed up. These kinds of custom designed pieces are what I live to make. You shouldn't have to conform to what the market offers. Get what you want here. I will work hand in hand, with you to develop a functional and beautiful piece of art that will stand the test of time and be able to be handed down to generations to come. My goal is to spread my craft and appreciation of the materials I use with others while completing your project. I use a variety of locally sourced hard and soft woods as well as many different types of steel, and reclaimed materials. The experience of making is every bit as important as the finished product. 


With all that said, lay it on me! I am experienced in producing several styles of furniture. I guarantee a finished product that I will stand behind. I will build to your specifications and won't stop until we are both happy. Whether it is a small project like a stool or end table, or a larger project like a dining table or room full of bookshelves, I can help. Lets chat about your next piece!